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Holiday Planner Bundle

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This holiday bundle comes with both the Thanksgiving and Christmas Planners to help you schedule and organize your holiday and events.

The Thanksgiving planner comes with:

  • November calendar (not dated so you can reuse this planner year after year)
  • budget sheet
  • cleaning schedule
  • daily to-do list printable
  • meal planner
  • cooking schedule
  • recipe templates (2 versions: 4 whole page, 4 half page)
  • grocery shopping list
  • invitation tracker
  • seating arrangements template (2 versions)
  • table name cards
  • Grace & Thanksgiving blessings page
  • activity planner
  • decor inventory tracker
  • leftovers meal planner

This PDF has 24 pages altogether.

The Christmas planner comes with:

  • November and December calendars (blank so you can use them year after year)
  • a master to-do list (half-pre-filled)
  • a weekly to-do scheduler
  • postal scheduler so your packages arrive on time
  • budget sheet
  • a no-overwhelm cleaning schedule (if hosting an event)
  • Christmas movie scheduler so you don't miss your favorites
  • invitation tracker
  • Secret Santa strips
  • menu planner
  • 2 versions of recipe cards
  • grocery shopping list
  • 3 types of charity trackers: monetary donations, goods, volunteer work
  • 3 set of wishlists
  • stocking stuffers list
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales planners
  • craft planner
  • decoration inventory tracker
  • thank you recorder
  • Christmas card list

This is a downloadable PDF so you can get your planner instantly.