The After I Am Gone End-of-Life Planner in Black and White

After I Am Gone Planner - Binder

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Get organized with our end-of-life planner. Make it easy for your family to deal with your affairs and let them know your preferences and personal wishes when it comes to arranging your funeral.

This is a physical workbook/planner. [not a pdf]


  • 4 different checklists of tasks for your family to do at certain intervals after your passing
  • contact pages for family, friends, organizations, companies, etc.
  • account/contact pages for credit cards, utilities, banks, insurance
  • email/password pages
  • personal information page
  • location page for all your important documents and items
  • preference and personal wishes pages
  • letter inventory for family and friends pages
  • planner cover page
  • comes in large print [16+ font] for easier reading

Please be aware that this planner does not come in color.  This has helped to keep down the cost of the planner at the above price.

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